Thursday, November 6, 2008


Wow, look at all the press coverage for Obama!

Being overseas during election year has been tough...I'm not going to say who I supported or anything because that's not really the point of this blog! I will say though that it's been really cool seeing history being made as the American presidency crosses an important milestone. In China they were playing the election results and stuff even on the public buses, so that was cool.

To celebrate my home country, I did allow myself to buy another polish. Pics will be coming on that, but it's very patriotic. Speaking of which, I do miss my large polish collection but I know that if I had that with me, this is exactly the mani I would do:

Readers might remember this pic from my Fourth of July post, but this is one layering combo that I never tire of. It kind of just screams America =)


Brooke said...

I remember that mani you did, it was really cute. I can't ever seem to get my top coats with the big chunks of glitter (mine has little hearts) to actually go on my nails. Would love to know the trick to this in a future post.

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Anonymous said...

Very American :)

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