Friday, March 20, 2009


Ugh Twitter makes me so stabby sometimes....I was gonna post this on Twitter but it exceeded the character limit. So annoying.

Anyway, you know those corny Disney commercials on TV that are like "Oh, get ____ before it goes back into the Disney vault...forever!" or "For the first time, released from the Disney vault..." Ok I mean I like Disney (my friends can vouch that I will valiantly break out into song if Mulan's "I'll Make a Man Out of You" comes on), but WTF is this "elusive" Disney vault? Actually since Disney controls the world they probably do have a literal giant vault guarded by lasers and everything.

Well, it looks like Chanel is taking a cue from Disney because they recently (aka today) sent out an e-mail about their "Dejavu Collection" that is launching on their website. Pretty much, it's a lot of their discontinued items that they're "rereleasing" (probably residual overstocks). Here's the link:

Dejavu Collection

The cool thing is that it's constantly being updated. Currently for polish they only have Rouge Noir priced at $23, but they say to check back often, as more Chanel favorites become available.

New Link: Nail Juice

So I think I've mentioned how slow I've been lately in terms of everything polish...I have like a gazillion pictures and reviews backed up on my camera and computer, I'm behind on like every single amaaaaaazing nail blog out there in the universe but I'm slowly catching up. Spring break is going to be heavenly for me...6 days of bliss with my new Kindle, blogging, polishing, and generally not having a care in the world before I have to get back to school =/.

I have two finals left but guys, seriously check out Nail Juice. It's a love-at-first site (hah! pun! get it?) Not only is it tech-savvy and available in other languages!! But also, Steph has an amazing and handy finishes description bar on the right hand side, something that I've always wanted to get around to but have obviously been too lazy to actually do. So thank you Steph, because now everyone can just use that as a reference! It's wonderful.

Ok, study break is over. Two more finals to go!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Funky at Indian Wells

Ok so you guys probably remember that I LOVE tennis. So it kills me that every year, the Indian Wells Classic is during my winter quarter finals week. Every year without fail! Gah. Indian Wells is only a little over an hour of my way so it's really a tragedy that I've been unable to go for the past three years.

Anyway, here's a picture of Gwen Stefani at Indian Wells watching Roger Federer play (she's a fan) with her baby Zuma =) You can't see Zuma's cute face in this one but you can see Gwen's AWESOME funky french nails- red with silver tips. Loveee.

I'm also so excited that Federer and his girlfriend (pictured above sitting next to Gwen) are having a baby! For sure in like 17 years that kid is gonna be a serious tennis competitor...I hope!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

For Funsies

I'm not a super-makeupy girl by any means. Nail polish is probably the only consistent cosmetic item I use. The most I do is eyeliner & mascara. But, I am a huge mascara junkie. My bff gave me Diorshow Iconic or Christmas and can I just tell's freaking amazing! It gives my lashes length, definition and volume AND holds up decently through a nice cry (I'm a total crybaby and I hate waterproof mascara). The only downside is that for me, it's kind of hard to take off.

Anyway, I was at CVS the other day and Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes macsara (I know, ridiculously long name) was on sale. The whole "tubing mascara" thing has really intrigued me so I decided to buy it. I was excited so I tried it as soon as I got out of the store in my car. The mascara part was all dried and cloggy and it didn't even coat the brush. I was puzzled but I walked back in and exchanged it for a new one. I didn't test the new one til I got home but lo and behold! It had the same problem. Since it was the weekend I e-mailed Loreal to see if it was just a bad batch. Their Customer Service was pretty quick in replying on Monday and asked if I still had the product and if I did, they'd send me a pre-paid mailing envelope to return it. I unfortunately already returned it to CVS, and told them as such. Here was their response:

Thank you for visiting L'Oréal Paris on the Web and for responding to our e-mail.
Our company makes every effort to provide the highest quality products for our consumers, and we want to know whenever a product is not completely satisfactory. If ever you are less than satisfied with one of our products, please save the items because we are eager to investigate any possible problems.
Thank you for making us aware of this problem. We hope you will continue to use our products with complete confidence and satisfaction.

So, really just another reaon to love Loreal: good CS. Anyway, since the mascara had a base/primer part before the mascara part, I figured why not, one eyelash is coated in white primer anyway so I put Dior Iconic over it and...well, I'll just let the results do the talking:

Please ignore my panda-eyes and frizzy hair

So....welcome to my first real off-topic post lol. I will try to not do too many of these stand-alone OT posts.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

RIP NYC Glossies

Oh the cruelties of the cosmetics world: discontinuation. I adored the NYC Glossies...they weren't perfect but they were comparatively better than the NYC regular line. And for $2, they were a pretty good deal.

But alas, they have been discontinued and replaced by NYC: In A New York Color Minute which is way too long and so I'm shorthanding it to NYC Minute. It's drastically smaller than the Glossies were but I will say that a) the cap is easier to handle and b) the coverage on the two I bought were amazing!

Also, NYC Minute has a color called Chinatown, which remarkably looks similar to an old NYC Glossies fave....oh and I'm sorry, I got my NYC Minute blues mixed up. The color in the next three photos are of NYC Minute Chinatown, NOT West Village (this is what happens when you don't get any sleep)
Yup, the bottle is much smaller....3.4 mL less which is quite a significant amount considering the price has stayed the same.

Here is Chinatown and Midnight on my nail....can you tell which is which?

NYC Glossies Midnight is on my index & middle finger, NYC Minute Chinatown is on my ring and pinky finger

Here's the REAL West Village, the other blue. Where Chinatown/Midnight was a darkened navy, West Village is a true dark blue. Love it!

I was actually really impressed with the pigmentation. It only required one coat to be opaque, but they are shown here with two coats each and are at their best. Even though I will shed a small tear for the Glossies, I will admit that the Minute line in terms of application and stuff is a definite UPGRADE.

I've been super busy with school, LSAT classes and looking for an internship. Finals are next week too, so expect posts to be trickling in haha.
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