Sunday, March 6, 2011

Embarassing to the MAC

Well, this is super embarrassing. I know I said I hadn't uploaded pictures from my camera to my computer (I still haven't, I don't know why but I'm extremely lazy). I was going through my pictures and I DID have some that I had uploaded AND watermarked already. One of these is the very pretty (and sadly Limited Edition) Liberty of London for MAC polish, a dark green-blue. And boy, is it pretty.

First, let's talk about the gorgeous packaging. I couldn't throw it away!

The outside is pretty and so's the inside:

It's just so, so, so, so, SO pretty. And I'm not talking about the box anymore. The application was smooth and the formula was opaque enough. Here it is with two coats:

Here is is in a slightly shady version:

You know, I'm not usually a fan of MAC polishes. Their base collection is rather drab...I mean Nightfall and Biker Blue are okay but you can easily find dupes for them. Their limited edition collections though are torturous because they're usually the best colors.

Anyway I apologize for leading you to believe I'm incredibly lazy. I mean, I am lazy but I'm just glad that I had pictures on my computer to share

Essie Officially at Rite Aid

I know there's been a lot of talk about Essie coming to Rite Aid (it's already available at CVS) and it's definitely opening up a greater market. I mean, some Sally Hanson polishes are practically the same price as an OPI and Essie products, why not expand into more drug stores? Again, I don't understand why Sally Hanson has so many different lines with different bottles and names, just please keep everything uniform! They either have 100 different formulas or just use the same formulas and put them in different bottles in order to drive up some prices. Either way, I don't care. Get your act together, Sally Hanson. I know some people that spring onto the chance of a new Sally Hanson display but honestly, it's just exhausting and overwhelming trying to keep up. @squarrell on Twitter has told me that the UK only has one line of Sally Hanson polish in which case you all are so lucky! I know it's a silly thing to have to rant about but bear with me.

BUT I DIGRESS, sorry. Anyway I received this email just seconds ago and I lovingly used old-fashioned Microsoft Paint to contain my excitement.

It had been expected to come around in March and it looks like it's been official (unless I already missed it? In that case, I fail). Now, I personally like CVS's Extra Care card more than Rite Aid's UP rewards. After an annoying experience with using the UP rewards, I decided that it's just not worth it. I am a loyal Walgreens and CVS girl. But...I will definitely swing by a Rite Aid sometime to look at the display.

Updates to follow. I have so many pics but I've been so lazy in transferring them to my computer.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Zoya polish featured in Black Swan

I personally love finding out what kind of nail polish is used in TV shows, movies, and magazine ads. So, I was really pleased to hear that a particular shade of Zoya polish, Bela, made a brief cameo in the movie Black Swan. Bela is a gorgeous pale pink, a perfect shade to complement the strong ballet themes in the movie.

Highlight to read exactly where this Zoya bottle cameo is:
Early on in the film as the lead dancer, Nina (portrayed by Natalie Portman), prepares in her dressing room for a gala where she will be revealed to the masses as the new Swan Queen, a solitary elegant bottle of nail polish briefly takes over the screen. This is where the line between a little girls fantasy and reality blissfully blurs. The bottle shown is Zoya Nail Polish in a delicate shade of pink named Bela.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


This weekend has been really stormy so I haven't had a chance to post pictures of my New Year nails. Not that it would really help, since I only had a 15 minute window to do my nails this year because I was so busy doing family stuff and I also had to get a cortisone shot in my right arm on the 30th! So typing is still a little painful, and since I was in such a rush to do my nails I have beautiful air bubbles all over (isolated ones at least, so I can take some comfort that they don't look terrible from afar).

Anyway, I did white nails for the New Year. Normally I'd go for something sparkly but I'm had quite an awful be honest it was really shitty. So I just want to go into 2011 with a blank slate and the hope that things will get better and change for the better.

As for my New Year's resolution, it will be of course to be blog more and to buy less polish. I think things have picked up a bit on the blog front so I hope to continue that trend into 2011 =) As for the buying less polish part...well...we'll see.
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