Saturday, September 12, 2009

I. Die.

Anyone here watch the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo? I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I do, but ya'll know how attached I get to shows that don't have much depth. It's why I love it though! So of course one of Rachel's dramatic phrases is "I die" whenever she sees something that she just cannot live without.

This, unfortunately is one of the cases. Chanel, always the quickest to catch onto nail trends (completely sarcasm btws...what it makes up in lack of nail knowledge is amazing fashion at least) is releasing two GORGEOUS polishes in their fall collection. Actually, scratch that, just one. One is pink so we know it's going to be on the boring side but one seems to be the perfect light green! It seems to be very true to its name, which is Jade.

They've been gracious enough to allow pre-orders this time around so you can see pictures of the two colors here. However, the price has upped again since last year I believe, and this time it will set you back $25. Ouch. Just my personal opinion though but Jade may look like it will be worth it. Jade Rose, not so much.

Also, I know my posts have been lacking greatly. I still love nail polish and I still love blogging, I'm just trying to make some important life decisions right now. I loved blogging before my parents knew about it because even though I love my parents and I'm my own person and I make my own decisions, they are not exactly supportive of my polish love. Especially when they think it is interfering with schoolwork (trust me, it's not!). I think it's always hard when you think you have to compromise your beliefs and passions. Oh, and this whole transitioning-into-an-adult thing happening? Not fun at all. But I know people actually read my blog, so I am definitely not going to let this die!

At least I will have Jade to look forward to =)

PS: For a dictionary to all Rachel Zoeisms that will probably be popping up, here's a guide that compiled

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Lucy said...

Oh how I remember trying to grow up. If my Mother was alive now she'd still be giving me major grief about buying all this polish. Parents, especially Mothers will never stop telling you what to do. When I used to cut hair I cut my supervisors Mother's hair. She was 93 years old. Very fiesty lady. Well her daughter, my supervisor, was getting reading to go out. Her Mother says "Jean, don't forget to take a sweater". Jean said "I am Mother"! Even at 93 she was stil telling her what to do. I asked Jean about that and she said it never stops she always has something to say about her and her life. Well after all that I do miss my Mother very much and I wish she was still here to worry about what I'm spending. I don't watch Rachel Zoe but I'm watching Say Yes to the Dress. Why am I watching shows about women buying bridal gowns. I'm hooked!

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