Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This is No April Fool's Joke!

Yup....I'm wearing purple polish. For the first time EVER other than swatches...and even those are limited. It's very strange since I don't really have purple clothes. Normally I don't really match my clothes with my polish but I have been wearing black and white the past two days to make my purple neon polish stand out. I think I purple polish now.

Ignore the weird reflections too, I was scrambling to get this pic in full sun so I had to do some funky angles.

I actually have a one hour gap between classes and dashed home just to post this, but stay will be a polish-productive day.


Lucy said...

Well congrats to you! Imagine you wearing a purple polish. Good for you and now keep it up. How about a deeper purple? Too much too soon? Looks very pretty on you.

clowncrying said...

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