Thursday, July 2, 2009

Like a Lemony Dream

I've talked briefly before about my first encounter with Lush's Lemony Flutter and let's just say that it's all that plus a bag of chips. Or plus a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. Ok, it's just amazing.
Effectiveness as a moisturizer: Great. It has a strong lemon smell but I like it. I could see how it could deter people but it's good. It seems very heavy as a cream but there's no greasy feel after a few minutes.
Good for body? Yes. I suffer from extremely scaly elbows and ankles, and this really helps soften those areas.
Good for nails?: It's originally a cuticle cream, so yes. It is a bit annoying and messy to apply though, but it's great for nails.
Price: I'm not going to lie, it's expensive, with tax it's almost $15. It lasts a while but for some the price may be the selling point, especially when you have so many great drugstore lotions
Verdict: It's best when it's cold and firmer instead of softer and warmer. When it's warmer it gets melty and looks really oily when you put it on. It carries an extremely high price tag, but I personally think it's worth it. It does last a long time if you only use it for nails. I used it as a cuticle cream and for my elbows and ankles and it's lasted me almost a year. So in the long run it's worth the initial high price tag. I will definitely repurchase but in this economy after I finish my tub, I can definitely wait a few months before repurchasing.
Fun Facts: LUSH makes everything by hand and therefore unlike most lotions has a shorter shelf date. Each product is marked with the name of the person who made your product and a "Best if used before" date. They also do not test on animals (for the record, I'm not a fan of animal testing for cosmetics. I can understand it for purposes of medicine, but rest assured I'm not going to bash anyone else's opinion because I can understand both sides).


Cali369 said...

I love this stuff although I think I need to decant some so I can carry it around. And for once this is cheaper in the UK!

Lucy said...

I've never used any Lush products. I'm scared to start! I know I'll probably love them and start buying everything. I love a strong lemon fragrance so it wouldn't bother me. One of these days I'll try it. I have masses of cremes from Bath & Body Works. I'm trying to ignore there sales!

Anonymous said...

I love lemony flatter!!

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