Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Walmart Is Doing Something....Right?

OK, so as a nail polish lover (or really, a makeup lover), you can't snub Wal-Mart. They have amazing brands of polishes such as LA Flare, CQ, Pure Ice, and Petites that you really can't find anywhere else, and they usually have a pretty good selection of all brands. Not just that, Wal-Mart is REALLY, REALLY affordable.

Cuz here's the thing...most of the time, things that are more expensive are just more expensive. Sure, everyone loves a bit of Chanel nail polish, especially if they're in fabulous blue shades. But I would be broke and starving if my (very extensive) collection was all-Chanel. Not to mention kind of boring.

So yes, I'm going to give Wal-Mart a bit of a shout-out here. I used to feel guilty about shopping there all the time given all the controversy, but here's something that can soothe everyone's conscience: Walmart is not just jumping on the green bandwagon, it's invading, taking over, and controlling it. And not in a bad way, either.

Basically, Wal-Mart has taken steps towards creating a universal rating system that scores products based on how environmentally and socially sustainable they are over the course of their lives. And what Wal-Mart wants is what Wal-Mart usually gets. It's revolutionary and a bit scary how great their power is over the retailing world. Luckily, it's not just going to be a Wal-Mart exclusive, as they've invited Target (another fave), Costco (one of the loves of my life), Tesco, and others to join in this partnership. So really, the people who end up benefiting the most are the people. I really think that this wil force companies to look at their practices and maybe change them, even a little bit, to help save the Earth.

Read the full article from the NYT here.

The downside? I'm sure nail polish isn't exactly the best for the environment. In fact, many environmentalists are strongly against it. But, I think as long as you practice living green, you're allowed a few indulgences =)

Read the article from the NYT here


Ms. B said...

I was just there tonight looking at the nail polishes. Both Pure Ice and Petites have some really nice greyish-mauve shades, I thought about getting them, but I resisted, for now :)



Lucy said...

I love nail polish and no one is going to stop me from wearing it. I will doother things to help the environment. But your not taking away my polish!

Danica said...

I agree, I love Wal Mart polishes. I can allow myself to get a new one when I really can't afford it!
When I first got into all this green stuff I realized how "bad" nail polish is. But I thought, geez bottles are so small. I'm not putting the polish into my gas tank. I use less than an ounce a day, I get this one "non green" thing in my life. And then they go and make this 3 free stuff that isn't always great

Lise said...

That's strange, since ASDA in the UK seem to have no makeup except their own brand. I got my boyfriend some of their nail varnish, would be a bit leary about using it myself since my polish often has to last a long weekend and be fit to wear for work for a day or two after.

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