Monday, August 11, 2008

Pink is Power

Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm trying to get everything sorted out with my upcoming vacation to Niagara Falls and my studying abroad to China! There's also the matter of the Olympics, did anyone catch the amazing opening ceremony? Truly memorable. I'm usually more of a fan of the winter Olympics, but these summer games have been really exciting, especially American Jason Lezak's extraordinary comeback in yesterday's 4x100 medley for swimming. Crazy!

Anyway, another reason why I've been busy is because I attended two weddings in the past week! For both weddings, I sported light pink nails. I really love pink polish because I feel like it's a pretty neutral color to wear on nails and I love these two polishes.

For the first wedding, this was my dress, a silvery pinkish dress that has a paisley print.

To match, I wore Essie Pink is Powerful, a milky off-white color with the tiniest hint of pale pink. A gorgeous sheer, though naturally since I'm not a sheer fan, I used four coats to get to opaqueness. Of course, I mentioned before that some Essies have this gorgeous microshimmer and this is no exception.

For the second wedding, I wore a cute green/teal/brown dress which I LOVE. So adorable.

On nails, it was Chanel Rose Tourbillon. I had forgotten how pretty this color was even though it wasn't too long ago that I got it. I know I showed pictures before, but here are some others, including one with flash that shows the yummy silver shimmer

Also, a reader pointed out that for my last post, Zoya Trixie might be a possible dupe for MAC's $$$$$ Yes. After looking at Scrangie's silver pictures (love this girl and her crazy awesome swatch skills), it's clear that they are not very similar; Trixie's shimmer is a bit larger and seems grittier while $$$$$ Yes has more of a foily finish. If anything, Scrangie's picture of Sally Hansen Sterling, three pictures up from her picture of Trixie, is more similar....Misa Got to be Reel seems to be a close contender as well.


Jackie said...

I really love Pink is Powerful. To the point of really wanting it. But the huge box of Essie sheers in the other room is telling me to get over it.

You're vacationing to Niagara Falls? On the American side, or Canadian side? I live in the falls (on the American side)!!! Lemme know if you need help with anything!

N. said...

Thanks Jackie! Actually, I was wondering if there are any nail places worth checking out in the area. We're flying into Buffalo, NY and then eventually traveling across the border to Toronto.

As for Pink is Powerful, I know that feeling. Even though I'm not a sheers person, Essie makes really great ones. I love the color!

rocketqueen said...

Hi there! Just found you via Polish Addict! Really nice site you've got going here and I ADORE that chanel shade!

Happy greetings from Sweden!

Jackie said...

Ouch. Wellllll, to be honest, if there *are* any cool nail-related places in the area, I sure haven't found them yet! There *are* some areas of Buffalo with great boutiques and funky shops and whatnot... those are worth checking out. But as far as nails? You got me! I do most of my nail shopping online - with the very rare Dollar Tree find here and there (we do have lots of those, but most have killed off their polish sections completely).

Are crossing the border in the falls then (there are crossings in Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and Lewiston)? If you are, definitely spend an hour or so down at the actual falls. Ride the Maid of the Mist if you can. Just... don't get scared. The falls are in downtown Niagara Falls, which isn't super pretty to look at, once you get past the, you know, wonder of the world, and all. Don't judge us - I swear it's not all like that!

And, while I'm mentioning it - if *you* happen to find any nail-related gems here, let me know!

I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help... and that my home sucks for polish addicts!!!

N. said...

Oh not at all! I'm really not even sure if I have that much time to wander because my dad has a lot planned for us to do.

I'm really looking forward to this trip, I've never been on the eastern side of Canada! If I find any good nail places, I'll let you know!

Sanna said...

Oh, you must have looked stunning! The dresses look wonderful and so do your nails!

Anonymous said...

hey! this is my first time readin your blog!! (im a scrangie finatic lol!) anyways...i have been reading that you are sometime to my town!!! Niagara... as far as nail product goes... boo! maybe in st.catherines ? i think the salons may be your best shot .. the best place i have found is trade secret :( please let me know if you find anything awesome nail wise!! please :) and if your going to the falls, be sure to go to as many attractions on clifflton hill as you can! well their not really attractions per se.. lol! i hope you have fun here!!

Lina-Elvira said...

This is amazing!! I waaaaant it :) Happened on your blog, its very good :) I like your mix of stuff! Now I gotta.. eh.. hrm.. go on ebay and.. well.. find this polish. Ahem :)

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