Friday, August 1, 2008

SH Salon Navy Baby & Comparisons

So the other day I was browsing Ulta and saw a special display for Sally Hansen Salon line polishes. Imagine my surprise when it was a display specifically for Navy Baby, a navy blue that I've heard about but never seen in person (and wasn't expecting to, all the stores around me at school are very slow when it comes to new polish displays). Take a look at this beaut:

In sunlight:

In shade:

After swatching them, I realized it looked a bit like Nina Out of the Blue, which reminded me of Chanel Blue Satin. So here they are together...please ignore a) the messy application and b) the weird positioning of everything because this was the best picture I got.

Here's Blue Satin up close:

A close-up of Out of the Blue...

And a close-up of Navy Baby

As you guys can see, they are all very similar. I will have to say though that the Chanel has a more vibrant/noticeable shimmer up close and in real life that didn't translate to the pictures. Here are Out of the Blue and Blue Satin by themselves:

All in all, if you're not crazy like me and don't need all three, I would pick the Nina one to own. Not only is it the cheapest option here (I think around $3 at Sallys? Compared to $6 for the SH and $19 for the Chanel), it's also easiest to find and once thinned the application and wear is pretty great. But, I will say that there is just something about the Chanel, a unknown WOW factor that just makes me love it. If it weren't so expensive I would buy more backups of the Chanel for sure. Good thing there are dupes!

PS: Has anyone been watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel? I love it!

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Urbangirl said...

Wow thanks for doing this review! In October I went into Nordstrom's and tried the Chanel color and couldnt stop thinking of it for two weeks! I wanted it so bad but I was thinking of other things I needed to buy instead of nailpolish, well low and behold I walked into Walgreens and found the Sally Hansens version. I dont have a digital camera or a camcorder and wanted to share my experience on finding a dupe of the Chanel color. To make a long story short thanks for your post! I found your blog while reading two other blogs (Nail polish Addict and Nail Juice) I saw the name of your blog on both sites and when I clicked on your blog I was happy to read this post not to mention noticeing that you helpfully provide dupes to other great colors. I'll be sure to ad you to my list of blogs to follow. Have a great day :)

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