Thursday, February 26, 2009

Early Morning Hotness: Black Radiance Barely Pinnk

Ok, so I'm not a sheer girl. I think my nails look weird, not to mention I always have those stupid white dots because I'm forever clumsy. So sheers look weird.

But, sometimes sheers can translate well into opaque polishes. Such is the case for Black Radiance's Barely Pink

It's a shimmery, GLOSSY (no top coat in this picture!) soft pink color with shimmer. 1-2 coats make for a gorgeous sheer, 3-4 coats make it opaque and oh-so-pretty. I love Black Radiance, don't forget that it's an unbelievable steal at $1.99 at some Rite Aid stores!


The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I recently got a bottle of Black Radiance. It's a green called "Grasshopper". Can't wait to give it a try. This sheer looks great on you. What do you think of putting a sheer polish on top of a white polish?

N. said...

Oooh I'll have to be on the lookout for that one, I love green! I think that if it's a paler white, it would make the sheer look more opaque. But if it's an opaque white...actually I don't know how that would look, I guess I should give it a try and post the results! =)

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