Thursday, January 29, 2009

Holographic Polish vs. Holographic Glitter

I know some people get confused whenever polishes get referred to as "holo" or have "holo glitter." These are two different things, and it's important to distinguish between the two because sometimes it can get confusing

First, holo polishes are those that have an overall rainbowy, prismatic effect. In direct sunlight, it will have a base color but then a lot of other colors too. Here's an example of a holographic polish, one of my faves, OPI My Private Jet:

By contrast, polishes that have holographic glitter just simply have multicolored glitter but they don't quite create that special prismatic effect that holo polishes do. Take, for example, this red Opera polish
Yep, it a gorgeous red jelly with holo glitter...

The glitter kind of reminds me of sprinkles, especially in this picture:
I left this picture intentionally blurry because it shows how the glitter is holographic

Also, success! I found a full-size Opera bottle picture for reader Pixie. I didn't fail after all

If you're wondering why these pictures look a lot sharper than normal, it's because I took these with my brand-new Canon camera...before I realized the camera had a dead pixel. I had really bad luck with Canon cameras, I think I mentioned before that I got a brand new shiny Canon for my birthday, but then the button on top was broken. Then I exchanged it but the screen had a dead pixel. So, I'm still chugging along with my Kodak.

Also, I know I've broken my resolution of trying to post every day, but I've been swamped with midterns this past week. Expect a little bit more posting in the next couple of days before I have to study again.


Anonymous said...

that is confusing, why don't they just call it multi-colored glitter?

N. said...

Haha it does get confusing, I try to use multi-colored glitter as much as possible but some people like to use holographic. There is kind of a fine line but it's really just technicalities

Narnia's Closet said...

i felt very smart when i repeated the info in this post to a friend of mine this afternoon. she just purchased about the entire south beach collection, haha.

nice blog! who knew there was so much to know about nail polish.

wixbetty said...

Multi-colored glitter can also be mis-understood as many different colored glitters.
For a good example, see the RBL glitter polishes that instead of one color displaying the rainbow, there is a range of colored glitters together in polish, each flashing their own individual color...HTH =]

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