Monday, January 19, 2009

Yes, I joined Twitter

Try not to judge me! I know a lot of people find Twitter kind of annoying. In fact, I'm one of them (so yes this does make me a hypocrite). Whenever my friends bring up Twitter I'm just like uh, don't flatter yourself. Which is actually my response to like everything. I'm terrible sometimes.

Also, I'm not a fan of the 140 character limit on Twitter. I naturally talk a lot. And this translates into typing a lot. And sometimes I ramble, which I can't do on Twitter. But maybe that's a good thing for the people that have to listen to me.

Anyway, the reason I made a Twitter is because I'm always running into sales at stores. I mean, I don't go shopping every day (it's environmentally unfriendly...and actually it's more environmentally friendly to do online shopping. True story). But when I do I usually run into good clearanced items or sales related to nail polish and I just forget to post them here. It's sad. Anyway, hopefully with this Twitter I will be able to notify anyone who cares about any makeup sales in general or just random ramblings. I will definitely try and keep my BAT Twitter polish-related because really, my life isn't that interesting.

But, I will have to say, Slumdog Millionaire was FANTASTIC. Some people might be turned off by the R rating but it's absolutely fantastic. It deserves any accolades and awards it gets

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Anonymous said...

Hey hun I followed you. I actually like Twitter. I am not a facebook myspace type person. Twitter is much easier.

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