Saturday, January 3, 2009

Special Thanks

These past two days have been super hectic, and in my haste in last night's post I forgot to mention something so I'll just slip it in quick because I'm driving back down (7 hours....) to Southern California tomorrow. OK, so.

MEGA thanks to the active ladies on MUA for a situation that happened earlier last month. Apparently this girl on UK Ebay stole one of my pictures to use for her auction. While it's flattering that someone would go through all the trouble to steal my crappy photos, it's also kind of upsetting. I used to not think it was such a big deal, and I can understand why others don't either. But, when you start to put effort into taking the pictures and editing and posting them up, you can understand why it sucks to have other people take credit for your work.

So, here's my policy on photo theft: It's totally fine to post my pictures elsewhere as long as they are unedited (try not to hotlink though, even though I accidentally still do sometimes and people do get on my case about it). If it's an auction site, please add a link to this blog. But if you crop my pictures and take credit for them, I'll bring on the claws and I have an army of the coolest chicks around backing me. It's just petty and sad...I can't believe the amount of people who go around stealing other people's pictures and passing them off as their own. One of my biggest fears is identity theft and it's kind of a type of identity theft. And I like my identity. Also, it kind of just proves how some people have no lives.

Anyway, I'm always willing to give people the benefit of the doubt, maybe they just don't realize what they're doing. So normally, I try not to get too upset in these situations and just ask them to add a link back to here. Still, I'm glad to have my np board girls on my side- they really are fantastic.

Definite additional thanks to ocelot1 and denise2648 for messaging me and letting me know of the situation!

I probably won't post again until Sunday night, depending on when I can get internet. Have a great weekend guys!

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