Sunday, April 20, 2008

Go Green!

I'm going to be super busy this week so expect very few posts. I've got two midterms, a test, an essay due, and a hefty amount of homework due this week. Amidst all the studying and hard work, my roommate and I took a break yesterday and watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Not only was it a fantastic movie, the brightness of Hawaii and all the colors incorporated into the movie really has me wishing OPI or China Glaze would come out with a Hawaiian collection- gorgeous bright blues and greens to represent the ocean and all the trees; a calmer, lazier green to reflect the tranquility; a off-white that matches the sand; and some reds of course to match the traditional Hawaiian printed shirts.

I'm not stupid though, I do know that not all of Hawaii is the gorgeous island heaven we see on movie screens and magazines. In fact, Midway Atoll, which is located on the northwestern part of the Hawaiian Islands, is currently experiencing an environmental disaster from plastics that end up in the ocean. Because of the currents, plastic bags (and subsequently, trash inside them) end up at Midway Atroll and is having a profound impact on the various endangered and valuable species that live there. I won't go into the grim and grisly results, but you can read more about what is dubbed the "new Battle of Midway" at these sources: BBCnews, LA Times

Some people might think I'm hypocritical for being so pro-environment yet am a huge nail polish junkie. After all, nail polish is toxic and flammable and chock full of chemicals that probably contribute to pollution and global warming. To be honest though, it's not hypocrisy at all. Ok yes I'm a bit obsessed with polish but I follow the three R's. I reduce the damage my nail polish could cause by disposing of them properly (NEVER DOWN THE DRAIN), I reuse my nail polish quite often, and I recycle my polishes by giving them away to people who would want them instead of tossing them. Let's face it though, the cosmetics industry is huge. They're not going to stop making makeup. But, I think that if cosmetics companies started to adopt more green practices, then the entire world will benefit. Of course this applies to all companies steps.

I added a new link for you guys to check out, a blog called Eco*Pretty, which I just adore. Included in every product description there's a "Eco factor," which explains how the product is relevant to being eco-friendly.

I'm so excited that the mainstream media has turned this into "Earth Week." Environmental sciences is a passion of mine, and part of what I'm studying for in college so it's really something that's close to my heart. Say what you want about Al Gore, but I think that An Inconvenient Truth really brought environmentalism into the mainstream media. Lots of cosmetic companies have really bought into this trend too, which is awesome because they're raising awareness (how environmentally-friendly they really are has yet to be determined).

Stay tuned though for a very special Earth Day mega-post where I'll show off some greens I have (as well as the one I'm sporting right now, even though I put on so many layers it bubbled), as well as some eco-friendly tips. In fact, I just's my blog and I'll do what I want! So expect to see lots of eco-friendly posts soon! =)

I leave you now with the colors from China Glaze's recent EcoCollection:

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