Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sexy! Yes Yes Yes

Ok well the title pun on the Girls Aloud song, "Sexy! No No No..." has been worked to death, but it's pretty accurate in describing this polish color.

Everyone has their little quirks in what makes them feel sexy. For some, it's some scandalously hot lingerie. For others, it's that perfect little black dress. For me? Pairing heels with my dressy jeans. Oh, and wearing Orly Glam.

Glam is a color that immediately invokes sexiness when on. And it made me feel a bit, well, glamorous as well. It's a rich red with a slightly jelly finish and a nice dose of silver glitter. The glitter doesn't make it look childish but rather enhances the color. Check out my picture of it:
Glam is now my go-to red for when I need a little self-esteem booster. I think red traditionally have been subliminally programmed into us as being sexy. Think about the old Hollywood screen stars and the femme fatales that wore those gorgeous, stand-out-in-a-crowd red dresses, or having perfect seductive red lipstick. So why are nails any different? Every person can have a different color that makes them feel sexy, but for me, Glam is definitely it.

Glam is pretty easy to find anywhere Orlys are sold. I got mine at Sally's Beauty ($3.99 with a Sally's Card, $4.99 without), but I've also seen it at Ulta and CVS.

PS: Blogger didn't make a mistake, I'm really posting this at 3:44AM....I'm taking a break from the horror that is microeconomics (no offense to anyone who loves econ!)

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Tiffany said...

OoOoOoh I've never seen Glam's gorgeous!

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