Monday, April 7, 2008


If you've chanced upon this website, you're either a polish fanatic or looking to learn more about nail maintenence and nail polish. Well congratulations, you're in the right place! When I was little, I would always bite my nails. Nail polish cured my bad habit and I haven't bitten in 1.5 years! Well, ok, I've slipped once or twice. But it's a vicious cycle to break. Anyway, there aren't many blogs out there about polishes, the most comprehensive and dedicated one so far is All Lacquered Up . But if there are a zillion makeup blogs out there, why not another one dedicated specifically to nail polish, right? It's pretty, yes, but it also brings joy to people and makes people happy (like me, since I no longer have to be self-conscious about my nails). In the end though, it's more than a superficial aspect, it's a statement and a lifestyle.

*please note that I started this blog on, but I was stupid and signed up using the wrong e-mail address. Since I'm too impatient for the support staff at to help me and I'm more familiar with blogger anyway, I decided to move this over to blogspot. But please don't accuse me of ripping off another site because I did actually start this on another site.*

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