Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

This week I'm wearing all green polish! I started my week off with Jessica Emerald Tint

But yesterday night I decided I was in a darker mood (not to mention I messed up with the Emerald Tint) and changed it to a layering combo, 1 layer Sinful San Francisco over 1 Coat Wet n Wild Black Creme.

I'm also rocking my yellow WWF t-shirt and used a canvas bag with the recycle logo on it.

Since Earth Day was intended to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment, here's the best tips I can give you in the very limited time I have (I still have tons of stuff to study!):
  • conserve electricity: there's really no need to have the bathroom light on when you're not going, is there? You'll be amazed if you really notice how much electricity we use subconsciously. Try to use as much natural light during the day as possible, there's a reason we have a sun! And if you have yet to switch most of your light bulbs to energy-saving ones, shame on you (don't worry, you're not shunned though)! They've gotten a lot cheaper now and it really makes a difference.
  • limit the amount of plastic bags you get: To be honest, we get more plastic bags than we could ever use. I talked a bit about the hazards of plastic bags in my last post, and some cities & companies in some countries are really being proactive about it. San Francisco just celebrated the first anniversary since banning plastic bags. China is about to ban free plastic bags (a surprisingly smart move considering how many people China has that subsequently leads to so much pollution). I either reuse plastic bags if I'm going back to the same store or I tote around a canvas bag that I bought online. If you get into the habit, it's really easy. Whenever I'm at Target or Walmart, I just hand my canvas bag to the cashier and say "Can you bag everything in here please?" I actually get a lot of compliments not only on my cool bag but also on being eco-savvy. Which is always a nice boost to one's self-esteem, right? And as if you ever need another reason to shop at Target, they have come out with this awesome tote called the ReTote. It's VERY sturdy and it's made out of recycled plastic Target bags. It's very cool. The only thing about this is that you have to really be more efficient at planning so that you don't overbuy and have to resort to plastic bags.
    • ****I'd like to note though that I have no idea how to lug around a canvas tote full of clothes around a mall without making it look like I just shoplifted a bunch of stuff. So my rule of thumb when it comes to the mall is to always ask for a smaller bag when possible and if buying small things that could fit into a bag you already have or even your purse just politely say "Oh, I don't need a bag, thanks," before they put it inside.****
  • buy local produce: If you live near a farmer's market, take advantage of it on the weekends. Not only are you getting fresher fruits and vegetables, buying local is great not only for supporting your local economy but it's also better for the environment. Technology is amazing in that it's allowed us to enjoy certain foods all year round. Transportation technology has abolished the traditional "seasons" of some fruits and vegetables. If it's not avocado season here, it's avocado season somewhere else in the world and we can access that. However, in transporting, the fruits and veggies also take on a serious dose of mileage, which means more fossil fuels being burned. Now not all grocery stores are bad, and farmer's markets are not always going to be able to supply you with avocados all year round, but it's definitely worth checking out.
  • use your nails as a statement: Wear green on your nails this week in support of Earth Day. NYC makes a nice one called Big Money Frost for only 99 cents! Or if you're iffy on the green, follow the three R's I've posted before:
    • reduce the damage your nail polish could cause by always disposing of polish carefully and only buying polishes you know you will use......eventually.
    • reuse your polish often as to not waste them
    • recycle your polishes. If you don't like a color or it doesn't look good on you, find someone to whom you could give the polish to. It could be a friend, coworker, siblings, or someone on MUA.

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Stephanie said...

I love that Jessica. : ( I wish I could buy them in my area - some day I might have to buckle and just order online.

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