Friday, April 18, 2008

You Know You Love Me.....XOXO, Polish Girl

Admit it, we all have our guilty pleasure shows. The shows that in a normal conversation we don't admit we watch but when someone else brings up you have to physically restrain yourself from chiming in with your own thoughts. It's ok, we're all human, and we're allowed to have flaws. And while my guilty pleasure shows vary, one of them is definitely Gossip Girl. It's not clever or witty like Arrested Development or Veronica Mars, it's not as funny as 30 Rock, Scrubs, or The Office, and it's not as deep or complex like Numb3rs, House, or the Law & Order franchise. So why am I so addicted to a show about rich, elitist Upper-East Siders? I don't know, but every episode is a wild, colorful ride! It doesn't hurt that all the men on the show are verrrrry easy on the eyes.

Actress Leighton Meester, who plays social queen bee Blair Waldorf on the show, recently came out for an event hosted by the non-profit organization New Yorkers for Children at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in New York City.
If you're wondering why she looks SO familiar and you're not a secret Gossip Girl watcher, her IMDB profile lists an impressive resume. She's actually been on a lot of my favorite shows listed above. Other then the fact that her skin is SO flawless and gorgeous, she's been rocking a recent nail trend among celebs, neutral polish. Ashlee Simpson also rocked out this trend earlier today on TRL. The beauty about neutral nails is that it really draws attention to the rest of your outfit because it doesn't distract from it. It lets the vibrancy of your accessories do all the work in accentuating an outfit because it's essentially just a fancified version of our own natural nail colors. I should also point out that the definition of what is neutral is different for each different skin-tone. On my own skintone for instance, the color like the one Leighton is wearing wouldn't look neutral at all because it would be to light for my skin tone. Generally though, I think of neutrals as being anywhere from sheer soft pinks to light nude polishes. Neutral is a very hard category to pin down though, what do you think?

Essie Pound Cake and Essie Secret Affair seem to be similar to what Leighton is wearing in this picture. As mentioned before, Essie has a lot of great neutral shades but if you don't feel like shelling out the money for Essie's, Sally Hanson is a great drugstore alternative.

Picture Source: JustJared
Charity: New Yorkers for Children

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