Thursday, April 24, 2008

If you're so In Style, tell us something we don't know

I love reading fashion/beauty magazines! I usually get lots of my fashion inspiration and tips from these magazines. I finally got one of my free InStyle magazines from Ulta, and I'm already thrilled because Carrie Underwood is on the cover.....but imagine my utter excitement when right there on the cover it screams BEAUTY NOW! Cool nail colors, luscious lips and foolproof-self-tanners. So honestly, which of the three am I going crazy over? The cool nail colors part, of course!

Well, it's a bit of a letdown. The Cool Nail Colors bit can be found on pg. 343 for those who have a copy and it's pretty much a bunch of colorful, photoshopped (as to not show the labels, even though they are listed in the back) polish together in a net with this little bit:

Net Gains-
Turn on the brights with Technicolor nail polish
Cobalt-blue nails? Perhaps you just want to stick your toe in. And that's OK. But trust us: Bold shades have mad the leap from tacky to trendy this summer. When it comes to matching, forget the rules. Nowadays it's just as cool to clash (picture red nails with a pink dress) as it is to match (we love a yellow nail with a yellow-and-black painterly print).
Polish pictured: OPI The "It" Color, OPI Dating a Royal, OPI Brights Power, OPI Red Hot Ayers Rock; Essie Bermuda Shorts, Essie Shorty Pants; Sally Hanson Lacquer Shine in Glow and Flash, Sally Hanson No Chip 10 Day Nail Color in Resilient Red; Jessica Great Sphinx, Jessica King Tut's Gem, and Zoya Yummy.

Well ok, maybe for the no-so-obsessed people who are only casual partakers in nail polish this is good advice. I think that bold colors in general have been on the rise for summer though. After all, summer is the time for playing and fun, so you'd want colors to match that right?

But, I'm more than a little disappointed on how slow InStyle is in picking up on the grey trend, as evidenced by their little blurb on pg. 343:
Grey Nails
So long, pale pink, Now that women are embracing bold nail colors, even neutrals are getting funky. The current rage? Dove grey. Rescue Beauty Lounge's Concrete Jungle has already sold out three times since it launched last fall. "It's a great neutral complement to all the safari clothes this spring," says the line's creator, Ji Baek.

Grey (or gray, whatever spelling you prefer) has been on the rise since OPI's India Collection launched with Moon Over Mumbai. Around the same time, Essie also launched a collection with TWO grey polishes, Body Language and Great Expectations (Body Language has a touch of pink while Great Expectations is more of a true soft grey).

As you can see above, grey is not a color that I can pull off very well, but I do like the paler greys. If you have the coloring for greys, definitely check out Stephanie's Gray Comparison Swatches too! Or any of the other greys I talked about above, they should still be relatively easy to find. The Toma, by the way, is pretty hard to find, I found it at a local beauty supply but it's pretty old.

Anyway, I think that sometimes fashion or beauty magazines can be slow to pick up on some trends, but then again they're probably not as crazy about nail polish as some of us can be! I wish that they could be faster on picking up nail trends, but at least they still feature amazing styles and clothes.


Anonymous said...

Tomas are awesome but I have like 5 poop colors lol
-Jen =)

Stephanie said...

: P Grays have been in forever. Way to stay on the ball InStyle. lol.

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