Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nail Polish to the Rescue!

Polish is a lot more than just for beauty, it's very versatile! Check out some ways polish can be of use around the house from ThrifyFun:
  1. Secure A Screw: Tighten loose screws on cabinets or pot handles by brushing some clear nail polish on screw threads. Insert the screw and let dry before using again.
  2. Stop Tarnish: Keep costume jewelry from turning black with a coat of clear polish.
  3. Seal An Envelope: Brush polish on the underside of the flap.
  4. Mend A Screen: Stop a small hole from getting any bigger by brushing a little clear nail polish over the spot.
  5. Smooth A Hanger: Don't throw out hangers, just brush polish over the rough edges on wooden or plastic hangers.
  6. Stop A Pantyhose Run: Put a small run with clear nail polish, this will stop the run until you can replace them.
There are some other uses that I've heard of, such as marking different containers with nail polish for little kids and dabbing some clear polish over the threads of a button so that the button will stay on...I've actually done this on some of my shorts over the weekend!

Most of these practical uses call for clear polish though. Topcoats and basecoats will work fine, but if you can't bear the thought of wasting a precious drop of your favorite topcoat/basecoat on something as trivial as a button, both NYC and Wet n Wild sell clear polishes for 99 cents.

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