Monday, July 14, 2008

Drugstore Gems: Wet N Wild

Yes, I like my salon brands like OPI and Essie but well, nail polish obsession doesn't have to be an expensive habit. There are plenty of great drugstore brands out there. Previously, I mentioned Black Radiance and Sinful Colors, but Wet n Wild has great color selections and their cheapest polish is 99 cents! It's really a great deal. Not only that, their polish is definitely the best cheap polish you can get (sorry NYC, I'll point out your minor flaws a bit later). WnW Black Creme is my resident favorite pure black polish because it's opaque in one coat and so cheap, which makes it great for frankens too.

Dreamy Poppy is another standout, a bright pink color that's fun and great for summer. I used to not like straight cremes but they've really grown on me

Talk about getting your bang for a buck!

I think this is the fastest that I've ever edited pictures and gotten a post up lol (within 20 minutes). It usually takes me a while because I'm very easily distracted. I had to get up early today to take one of my roommates to school because he's going to be carless for a while, and I'm sitting with my chem book open while listening to another roommate play on a PS2. But the main reason I wanted to post fast is because I have another midterm this Thursday, which means I really only have today to justify a bunch of posts. Anything past today is a bit shameful because I'm obviously procrastinating! I do have a ton of swatch pics still to edit so today might be super megapost day

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