Sunday, July 6, 2008


Hello there! Sorry for the slow trickle of posts, I've been busy with summer school and all. Here are some answers to some comments:

Reader Stef wanted to know where I find empty bottles for frankens. You can buy empty nail polish bottles at some beauty supplies or online at either 8ty8beauty or head2toebeauty. Or, you can use empty bottles. I sometimes use empty (or near empty) bottles of my go-to quick-dry topcoat, INM's Out the Door. If I'm removing any excess polish, I usually pour it into a ziploc with tissues or paper towels inside to absorb the polish. Or, I use a tiny dropper (you can buy them at Sally's Beauty) to clean out the inside with a little bit of acetone and then wait for the acetone to dry. This can also be done with Q-tips soaked in acetone too but sometimes they will leave little cottony fibers. I hope this helps Stef!

And well, no one likes to face criticism. So even though this next, loooong comment from Anonymous was well, annoying to read, I think it's important that I still address this. Anonymous, in response to my post on different types of nail polish remover, had this to say:
I find it interesting that essentially you stating that non-acetone nail polish remover is still acetone polish remover with less acetone in it than acetone polish remover has.
Um, I think the key word here is "Non." As in "Non-Acetone." This means that NO acetone is used in non-acetone polish remover. Other ingredients such as rthyl acetate, or methyl acetate are most commonly used in these polish removers as a substitute for acetone. BTW, acetone is really a relatively safe solvent. You speak about solvents as though they are a dangerous thing. Of course you knew that ordinary water is the most common solvent in existence? You can safely use pure acetone to remove nail polish. Acetone is acetone, regardless of the labeling as "Polish remover," or whatever. The same acetone is founf in Home Depot and Lowes!
The bottom line is this: Non-acetone polish remover does NOT contain ANY acetone. None. Zilch...That's all I'm trying to say. If in doubt, read the ingredients on the back of a bottle of non-acetone polish remover. You'll see what I mean!!!

I don't think Anon meant to be mean (or maybe he/she did), but I will admit that it wasn't my best post. I promise I will do a better, more comprehensive post about different types of remover because well, I did forget that there are removers out there that are natural and contain alternatives to any types of acetone. So please be patient, and do have patience with me too. I'm not perfect but I do appreciate listening to different opinions. Yes it stings a bit in the beginning, but sometimes the truth does hurt a bit.

PS: I do know that water is a common solvent though, I don't think I made it very clear. I didn't mean that all solvents are dangerous though I don't think that was conveyed very well. Pure acetone still has its hazards though.

Also though, if you do have any questions or comments, please e-mail me or comment on one of my posts. If you feel uncomfortable about your comment, since I do post some comments on the blog sometimes, please e-mail me directly or leave an e-mail address I can write to. Thanks!

Oh yeah, and since I am a tennis nerd, I am excited to have been up since 8AM PST watching the Federer-Nadal final of the Wimbledone Championships (which ended around 1PM). Needless to say, the match was pretty epic and though the player I wanted to win didn't (Federer), I think Nadal absolutely deserved it and that they both played some amazing tennis today. Rock on!


Blackdove724 said...

First off, I think the post about the non-acetone/ acetone debate was taken a little to personally by Anonymous.

and second...

Eeeppp!!! I heart Roger Federer too, and sad that he didn't win. However I agree if he had to be dethroned I am glad it was to Nadal.


Taffy said...

Judging from the tone of the comments, it looks like Anon is the kind of person who tries to make themselves feel big by trying to make somebody else feel small. Even worse, they don't even have the guts to identify themselves. Personally, I think that's kinda low and I wouldn't even respond to them. Keep up the good work and let's hope that Anon doesn't try to troll this!

Rose Growing Gal said...

It is really astounding to me when people start attacking bloggers, especially in a mean way and on very minor issues. It takes a lot of time and thought to do a blog - any kind, but especially the one where you show result of some work - and when someone starts picking through something very minor it becomes very annoying. I love your blog and I have made purchasing decisions based on your blog. Not to mention that my hands and nails don't look like I am in kindergarten anymore thanks to inspiration I get from this site. Please, don't get discouraged by some mean-y comment. If they disagree, let them make their own blog, maintain it, bring readers in, etc etc and maybe we will read THEIR point of view. Attacking a blogger anonymously (did I spell it correctly? LOL) is just not nice. I - on my side - am waiting for a lot of great new posts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to those sites-I have a feeling my franken-ing adventure is about to begin haha

In response to anon's comment, which I feel that may have had some merit had he/she decided not to articulate it with claws out, is in poor taste. Unfortunately being a blogger exposes you to unconstructive criticism and comments, people who highly value their own opinion and enjoy 'correcting' and putting-down others-I have unfortunately encountered this with my own blog. I have to wonder why they don't go and make their own blog instead (if they feel their view is so perfect) and why they hide behind the shroud of 'anon'?
I really enjoy this blog, and you handled this comment with much taste and sincerity. Kudos to you.

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