Sunday, July 13, 2008

Your Daily Dose of Hotness

So yesterday all my roommates from last year met up to do some typically Asian-y stuff in Rowland Heights, CA. We're all best friends so they understand my weirdness as much as I understand theirs. Anyway, there's this place called Life Plaza and we went there to get dessert. It's split up into a store side and a restaurant side. Somehow, I honed in on the store side and noticed they put in a new display with pa polishes! It's like I have a polish radar, lol.

Anyway so pa is a Japanese brand with lots of excellent colors and they are good quality. The gorgeous and fabulous greyeyez on the nail board discovered it first, and they can be ordered through Orange Lighthouse. The downside is that the polishes sold on the site are very small. However, after my friends and I said our goodbyes left to go to our separate cars, I ducked back into Life (and if they ever found out, I would be teased so much!), and snagged two full size versions! They don't have names, only numbers, but I'm not sure they're available through Orange Lighthouse, since the full-size and smaller bottles were different colors. They were also a bit pricey, $7.90 each but not too bad for an imported polish. Especially since they're pretty rare in the US.

Here are the two I snagged, Q12 & Q21:

Q12 is a shimmery sheerish white, it's pretty but the silver shimmer is a bit gritty without topcoat:

Q21 is really a standout, it looks like a mermaid's tail....well what I imagine a mermaid's tail would look like at least. The base is a jelly green, and it has the same kind of chunky glitter in some of the newer Sinfuls:

I apologize for the quality of these pictures, I swear my camera is very deceiving sometimes. But it truly is gorgeous. Can you see all the different colors that flash in the bottle? For more information on pa polishes, you can visit Orange Lighthouse or

Also, it's been a while since I've done an Early Morning Hotness post...those are usually when I should be sleeping but am blogging instead, hehe. But it feels nice to get back into a bit of a routine!

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