Sunday, July 13, 2008

Getting Creative With Drying

It's been super overcast and weird here lately in the Inland Empire (it's like the immense smog blocks out the sunlight), so I haven't been able to get many good sunlight pictures. There's also the matter of my camera deceiving me, it usually displays a yellow hand on my camera if it's crystal clear but it hasn't worked out so well in the last four pictures.

Anyway, the super sweet ilikechickens12 sent me a hard to find (HTF) polish the other day! Thank you so much Liz! It's soooo beautiful:
I will get a better picture of it someday. However, as with all Creative Nail Design (CND) polishes, it did NOT want to dry. I used my usual quick-dry top coat, INM Out the Door, and after an hour and a half it still was not dry. Then, I soaked my nails in ice-cold water for 20 minutes....nothing So I sprayed some canola oil on my nails and that still didn't work. And I was hungry, so my nails got messed up when I ate chips and salsa. Oh well. My friend Jen told me that she never had a problem w/Creative drying, but she used their base and top coat. So until I get a hold of both to try that, I will have to hold off on the beautiful Blue Blood.

Anyone else have tips on how they get CND polishes to dry without using the CND base and top coat? Please let me know, I'd love some more CND polishes!


Sminkan said...

No ideas, but the same experience. I have only two CND-polishes and one of them, Hyde in the Dark, is a favourite. But he never dries... I would be very happy if I got some good advice on how to make it dry since I love that color!

Scrangie said...

I'd love to know too- it's SO frustrating! CND has so many cool colors, but I can never wear them!

Anonymous said...

I use Creative Dry & Shine. I don't think it's a coincidence that CND has a product like this, but it does work, and on more than just the Creative polishes!

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