Tuesday, July 8, 2008

These Boots Were Made for Paintin'

Boots is a powerhouse British cosmetics/beauty/health brand that in recent years has expanded to the U.S. It's most commonly found at Target and CVS stores. Their nail colors have always been pretty basic, but they started adding some new ones that are pretty hot. One of them is Sunset, a bright-ish rose pink with gorgeous silver shimmer.

The application was very smooth but my only gripe is that the neck of the bottle is a bit narrow and tall. I feel like if I'm not too careful dipping the brush back into the bottle, I could easily mess up the brush by jamming it too hard against the sides. I'm hoping they'll release other new colors soon too, because for $4.99, it's not very expensive and I loved the application. I already scooped up another one, Rendezvous (a dark pink with gold shimmer) while they were on sale at Target, and there's a pretty hot dark purple one that's very pretty too.

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masa_inn said...

I have Taffeta by Boots. Color is gorgeous and application was a breeze, but it chipped almost instantly on me.

masa_inn @ MUA

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