Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Early Morning Hotness: Chinese Colorama #32

I've gotten lots of great responses to my post Wow!...hopefully I'll get more input from my international readers!

Sara from Sweden, who runs her own polish blog too!, says "Most people here don't wear any np at all, but those who do are mostly sporting bright colors right now. I hope my blog will inspire more people to wear np! :)" Oh goodness, I hope that more people do, have you SEEN the colors that she has? Gorgeous!

An Anonymous commenter from London, England says "I work in financial services and like me, most of my friends are professionals in fairly strict working environments. So I mostly see french or sometimes reds/pinks. Boring, and not really a trend per se...but since getting on the NB, I have been trying to push the boundaries recently with blues and oranges to work!" I hope our Ms. Anon becomes a trendsetter for her fellow Londoners! While it's true that in a professional environments one should usually stick to safer colors (Essie-esque is how I like to think of it), how are you supposed to know the boundaries without testing first, right? For those who paint their toes can do some fun colors so even though your toes aren't showing, at least you'll know what fun colors you're secretly sporting!
Finally, Elizabeth from Australia says, "Unfortunately live in a pretty style-free zone (Hobart, Tasmania in Australia). Most people who do their nails get those ugly thick and squared off fakes, which just look so tacky (what we call “bogan” here!). a couple of my friends order polish from online, as OPI is either non-existent or very, very expensive (twenty Australian dollars)." First of all, I love slang from other countries, it's so cool to learn the vernacular of other cultures. And I'm really glad that Elizabeth actually does her own thing, trends be damned. Keep rocking those unconventional colors, you're way ahead on nail fashion!

I do know that OPI is very expensive in other countries or hard to find. Last winter my sister brought back some lovely Colorama's for me from China! One of them, #32, is a perfect gorgeous inky blue.

I might have to stock up on this beauty! The bottle is tiny, but as far as polishes in Asia go, it's pretty cheap (except for street polishes but I don't trust those)...19 RMB (a bit less than $3 US).

If you haven't already, check out the new China Glaze collections on Scrangie's blog! I'm really feeling the Bahama Blues, but the Operation Color chick looks sooo much like Angelina Jolie I can't get over it. Except with blonde hair. I must confess though that I'm looking forward more to China Glaze's collections over OPI & Chanel's...and don't get me started about what I heard and seen about Creative Nail Design's Fall line, ugh. Disappointing for the company that brought us the original neons in form of Hot Pop colors, in my opinion.


Sanna said...

That looks gorgeous on you!
haha now when you're saying it the Operation Color chick actually looks a bit like Angelina Jolie.:)

Shryh said...

I actually think it's high time we started pushing nail polish boundaries at the workplace. I understand if you're in a conservative field like finance or law neon pinks and yellows might be a bit incongruous. Navy blue, vamps and greys, on the other hand, strike an appropriately somber note.

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