Friday, June 20, 2008

YSL Fall Collection '08 polishes

I think anyone can rock any color they want all year round, but generally more people wear vampy, or darker, colors during the fall and winter and brighter colors during spring and summer. It has a lot to do with the sunshine, I think.

The pictures from YSL's fall collection, courtesy of A Touch of Blusher, has caught my eye with their two dark's hard to tell exactly what colors they are but I'm loving the darkness of it all

Hopefully these colors will be interesting and not flat and boring and like any other vampy color. Otherwise, they wouldn't be worth the money at all.

Source: A Touch of Blusher


anjul said...

you should check out the opi: india collection..

Scrangie said...

Oooooh, those look nice.... I don't have any YSL, I might have to check those out. Thanks for pics!

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