Wednesday, June 4, 2008


When I'm procrastinating, I do a lot of stuff for this blog. The most tedious part of running a blog is compressing and marking the pictures. The hardest part is keeping things interesting with a diverse range of subjects.

So whilst tracking the number of visits to my blog, I stumbled across the fact that I get a fair number of hits from outside of the US! It shouldn't be surprising, given the fact that the internet is so worldwide and has made communication so easy but I'm really floored and honored that people from other countries are actually interested in what I have to say. Though I also get my fair share of spamming on my comments (apparently I've won the UK Lotto like 8 times!)

Since I love diversity and love learning about other cultures, I have a simple request for some international readers. If you don't mind, please e-mail me about some nail trends you've noticed in your country! I'd love to know how nail polish and nail color are perceived in other cultures....I know nail polish has only in like the past 5 years really boomed in China, even though it's been around for a while. So if you guys don't mind, let me know by e-mailing me at . Thanks!

Also, I've forgotten until now to link up MUAer paprheart's beauty blog, P'ssion. It's in Swedish, but she has great nail pics and you can tell generally what she thinks of beauty products through her reviews. You can also run it through Google translate (there's a button on the page) for a translation as well. The translation isn't perfect, obviously, but it's pretty good!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm a MUA-er in London and I'm following about 4 NP blogs right now (all US). I live for swatches and also love all the other info like new collections and tips etc.

I work in financial services and like me, most of my friends are professionals in fairly strict working environments. So I mostly see french or sometimes reds/pinks. Boring, and not really a trend per se...but since getting on the NB, I have been trying to push the boundaries recently with blues and oranges to work!

Sara said...

Another blogger from Sweden here. Most people here don't wear any np at all, but those who do are mostly sporting bright colors right now. I hope my blog will inspire more people to wear np! :)

synjones said...

I have gone through the above article its interesting that you were explaining about the nail polish.Really its looks great on the nails and its attractive also.But going with regular colour its boring.

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