Saturday, June 21, 2008


Yesterday I went to L.A. with some friends and I had a blast! We hit Japantown for some ramen and then spent two hours at the Griffith Observatory, which is quite amazing. Finally, we ended up at Huntington Beach for about forty minutes. It felt so nice to just get away. Unfortunately, even though we had a blast, I ended up coming back around 2-3am! Add on another hour and a half of erm, talking to a certain person on the phone, and well I was exhausted.

Pretty much, I'm being lazy and fully utilizing the meaning of summer. However, I've begun to neglect my duties as a blogger a bit. Like I've said before, I like to post everyday. Or at the very least, every two days. Maybe you guys, as the readers, can't tell but I definitely can! I like to respond to e-mails and comments as soon as possible.

In response to my last post, reader Shryh brought up an excellent point, saying "I actually think it's high time we started pushing nail polish boundaries at the workplace. I understand if you're in a conservative field like finance or law neon pinks and yellows might be a bit incongruous. Navy blue, vamps and greys, on the other hand, strike an appropriately somber note." First off, I love how well-worded and logical this comment was. I've also totally added 'incongruous' to my vocabulary because it's a cool word. But really, she does make a good point. Since I'm still a student, I don't really know how the workplace works. I offered my opinion before that I believed that in professional environments, people should stick to neutrals colors. However, Shryh really did bring up a good point that darker polishes could convey a different sort of professionalism as well. I guess it really does depend on each individual work environment.

Another reader, Sania, asked (in response to the SH Nail Brightener), "
Since you mentioned that this base coat destroyed your nails, I'd *love* to know what you do to get them back into good shape. I had a np absolutely destroy my nails last week, and like yours, now my cuticles are dry and peely, and nails stained. Any tips?" In order to restore moisture to my nails, I use a combination of hand lotion and a cuticle balm for intensive, direct moisture. I really like Eucerin products personally, and for a cuticle balm I really like Burt Bee's Cuticle Balm. You can find all these things at local drug stores or at Target. Since the water in the city where I attend college can be very drying, I also use gloves whenever I wash the dishes. For peeling nails, it's always a good idea to invest in a strengthening base coat too. Also, though I normally do wear nail polish, if I do have dry nails I generally try to restore moisture a bit before I put polish on again.

I know I talked about Camp Rock before, and since it premiered today I guess I should share my thoughts on that. Well, I didn't really care for it. However, I did put on polish during it so it wasn't a complete waste of time.

Speaking of being unimpressed, All Lacquered Up has a sneak peek of the Chanel Fall Collection polishes, and none of the colors really stand out to me. I'm not a huge fan of gold polishes but even so, the $30 price tag for Gold Fiction is enough to deter me from buying it. After all, with $30 you could buy like 3 or 4 other gold polishes. Kaleidoscope definitely would not look good with my coloring and Fantastic is spectacularly not fantastic. If I'm going to pay $19 for a polish, it's really got to call out to be and these Chanel colors aren't doing it. I'm really disappointed by Kaleidoscope too, I really hoped for it, which was described as a green-gold, to be greener. So much potential. So much fail. Oh well, more money for the OPI and China Glaze collections!


Scrangie said...

When I was working in a professional environment, I always wore what I wanted. Everyone from clients to the VP loved my neon nails, my glitter frenches and my vampy blacks, blues and purples.

There were a few memos that came through about appearance standards, but I pretty much ignored the section on nail polish. They even had a rule that you had to have a pedicure if you wore open-toed shoes.

Sania said...

hi there - thanks so much for answering my question, I really appreciate it! I'll definitely try a more intensive moisture regimen.

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