Monday, June 9, 2008

Eagle Eyes

Early readers of my blog may know of one of my guilty pleasures is Gossip Girl, but I'll reveal two more: The Hills and Disney Channel. Why? Good question, sometimes I don't even know.

I like that they're mindless entertainment so you can let your brain take a break. Also, the bad acting done on The Hills just contributes to the "reality" of it all. And I love making fun of what my sister and I impersonate as "THE GASP." Because every episode has dramaaaa, and every episode sometimes does "THE GASP." Most of the time it's just either one of the females just opening their faux shock. Yeah, super dramatic. However, I did spot Lauren using a top coat during one of the episodes.

The nail board and I had a super hard time figuring out what exact top coat it is (while geeking out over the various designs and textures of bottles), all Lauren ever says is that it dries super fast. Not helpful since most all top coats make that claim. However, it's either the Sally Hanson Salon line top coat or the Lippman Collection top coat based on the screencap here. The Lippmann would be more likely since this girl has no qualms about spending the cash, but the SH Salon line might also be plausible because Lauren apparently loves SH Pat on the Black, which is usually the black polish she sports on the show.

I don't know why I watch the Disney Channel anymore. I just do. It's who I am. I loved the first High School Musical....the second one was ok (my roommate does a hilarious impression of Zac Efron when he's singing Bet On It though). While food coma-ing on the couch yesterday after delicious Mexican food, I caught the trailer for the newest Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM), Camp Rock. The following exchange happened between two girls:

Girl 1:*holds up two nail polishes* Which color?
Girl 2: They're exactly the same
Girl 1: So you see my dilemma!

What also caught my eye were the polishes Girl 1 was holding up- definitely L'Oreal Pro polishes
You can watch the trailer here to see the exchange. It's pretty funny, yet at the same time's hard picking between dupes! Sometimes there are just subtle differences that make you want to justify keeping both. I also wonder if L'Oreal paid for that product advertising or if it was written into the script and they just picked a random polish brand. Most likely the former though, Camp Rock is billed as the next High School Musical and this definitely boosts L'Oreal's stock.


Anonymous said...

Could be INM out the door quick drying tc, although it's not a good pic so I can't be sure

Ane Kristine said...

Love the line, and I see her dilemma :-)
As you are too a Hills fan please help me; I love the dark red nails Laurens been wearing (in the Paris episode and a couple of episodes after that). Any idea what the colour is or maybe you know some that are similar??

pina said...

Based on the handle/lid/brush top geez what do you call that thing?! I don't think it is a Lippmann because they flare out at the top and this one appears tapered. Also, the corners of the bottle are more square like the SH Salon bottles. Happy sleuthing!

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