Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Early Morning Hotness: Hello, Hello...You Say Goodbye, I Say Yellow

I can't believe I'm still pining over Chanel's LA Sunrise when a) it could very possibly be a dupe for Essie Shorty Pants from the current Essie Neon Shorts collection and b) it's freaking $25 for a nail polish! Even though polish lasts for quite a long time, I'm still very reluctant to pay so much for such little product.

But if I ultimately decide to not get LA Sunrise, I can fall back on my two true yellow polishes, NYC Taxi Yellow Creme and NYX Carnation. The NYX is harder to find, but the NYC is not only easier to find, the price of it is as cheap as nail polish gets: 99 cents.

The thing about the NYC one is that it can be difficult to apply. Cheaper polishes do commonly have this flaw of being too fluid and liquidy because they don't have ballzz, thus being a streaky mess to apply. When I mentioned streaky to my roommate earlier today, she sounded perplexed so here's what streaky means- the polish doesn't go on evenly, leaving some areas of your nail well coated and others not coated opaquely at all. Streaky polishes can be either too thick or too liquidy.

I had this issue with the NYC at first, but then after seeing how fluid it was, decided to leave it open next to my open window for 4 hours. This completely took care of the streakiness issue and applied MUCH better:
It's got a gorgeous gold shimmer to it too (despite the fact that it's a 'creme'). I love the way this yellow looks on me.

NYX Carnation is another nice yellow but for some reason photographed horribly:
It definitely draws out the yellow in my skin, but this photo was also taken during sunset so the lighting is a bit off. No matter how it looks on me, I still love the color. Carnation is a bit more yellow than Taxi Yellow Creme, and I should try this swatch again in full sunlight. Sorry about that!

Yellow can be a difficult color to pull off but it's personally my favorite color because it's so happy and fun. I should wear more yellow on my tips while I'm still young though! If I can pull off certain shades.

If you're going to leave a polish out to thicken it, be sure to check it every hour to every one-and-a-half hour, polish doesn't thicken quickly but you still want to have a good balance of consistency. If you have over-thickened though, that's where thinner comes in handy. It's hard to get a polish just right but patiences begets fruition, right?

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