Monday, May 12, 2008

Taking Fandom to a Whole New Level

Now, Hello Kitty's cool and all but uh.....this sort of takes the term "fanatic" to a whole new level. To me, those little Hello Kittys look like those edible candy shapes. Being Asian, I've seen my fair share of crazy nail designs but this is one that takes the cake.

Nail designs like these are beautiful and fun but not practical. However, sometimes it's fun to dress up your nails in something other than just colors. For everyday wear though, I'm just going to stick to simple painting. If you do want to dress up your nails a bit, small rhinestones and decals are a way to add a little bit of flash without going overboard.

1 comment:

Scrangie said...

OMG that is SO CUTE! I'd totally do it. I can't imagine how long those took to make... Amazing...

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