Friday, May 30, 2008

Early Morning Hotness: Swatches

I did some swatches of recent acquisitions: OPI Kangarooby, Petites Juke Box, EA Grand Canyon Sunset, and CHI Salsalita y Margarita. I just noticed now though that I mislabeled the pictures! It's not Petites Hot Rod, it's actually Petites Juke Box. My bad! All are with two coats, taken with their respective bottles.

I'm wearing Salsalita y Margarita right now and it's GORGEOUS! Despite the fact that the name is so long, the color is hot! It's a great coral. I'm glad that I got it, initially I was hesitant because the clearance sticker at Ulta said $5.95 but it rang up at the counter for $2.99! I love getting high-ends for the price of drugstore polishes. I also usually love shimmers and sparkles but sometimes cremes are so hot too!

CHI's apply amazingly well, about on par with EA polishes. Next time if I see a color I really want, I may actually be willing to shell out the $8. Despite their small size, they have the same amount of polish as Essie's do. It just looks like they have less because of how unproportional the handle is to the bottle.

Yep, an extra-long, eye-candy worth post this time. It will have to tide ya'll over the weekend, these upcoming two weeks are going to be killer. I uploaded a bunch of pics from my camera and worked on resizing them and marking today, which is the most tedious part. On that note, does anyone know of a good free (or not-so-expensive) watermarking software? I have issues with picmarkr. Thanks!

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