Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's Going To Be a Looooonnnnnnng Night

School has been a bit hectic lately so I'm not going to be able to post as frequently as I do. I usually feel bad if I can't crank out a post once a day because I feel like I'm letting my (few, but increasing!) readers down, but ultimately school is my biggest priority. I do have some pictures that I've transferred to my computer today so once I've got those marked, I'll be posting those sometime this weekend.

I would however like to point you towards a fabulous makeup blog that I love and have added to my links section, Nessasary Makeup. Vanessa, whom I've corresponded with a bit, is so nice and so pretty and I love that she's not afraid to play with bold colors! Her swatches and her eye colors inspire me to reach for more colors, and to play with ideas for frankens.

Well, I've now got to write an essay and study for a midterm. I'm a lucky girl, aren't I?

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