Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tricky, Tricky!

I'm not sure why some polish companies choose to do this, but instead of creating a new color with a new name, they will oftentimes just replace a color but not the name. For instance, NYX Las Vegas. The older version is purple, the newer version is green. Quite a difference in color, but instead of putting out the green version as another name (Atlantic City, perhaps?) They chose to discontinue the purple Las Vegas and change production from purple to green. Whatever the reason, it can cause a bit of confusion and also cause a frenzy for those who are desperate to find the older versions of this polish. Recoloring a polish is rarely a good thing, especially for people who love the original one and can never find it.
It can also be tricky for those of us who are well, not so versed in color. I'm color-blind (yes it's incredibly rare for a girl....what can I say, my genes love me) so sometimes it can be confusing and almost like an optical illusion. Take for instance these two Chelseas. Both have the same number and name and are from the same brand. However, one is clearly a dark blue shimmer whereas the other one, the one that people usually talk about, is the green version. Strange, isn't it? Especially since the one on the left isn't green at all! Well in this case it makes sense to change the color, since the name isn't accurate at all. But for the most part, colors that have a new and old version can be very mind-boggling.

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Sanna said...

I totally agree! It IS strange!
Maybe they have a lack of
imagination :)

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