Sunday, May 4, 2008

Polish Talk

This upcoming week is another busy one for me, there is no rest during a quarter system! But, let's talk OPI, shall we? The much-anticipated Mod About Brights collection was released a few days ago:
I haven't had time to go to Ulta yet, but I'm definitely interested in Dating a Royal, Green-wich Village, and Mod-ern Girl. I love that OPI has added a cheery yellow polish to this bunch though. I really hope that eventually there will be a nice opaque sparkly yellow, I'm forever on a search for one. NYC has a gorgeous yellow one with subtle shimmer called Taxi Yellow Creme but it was a little too streaky on me.

Er, where was I? Oh yes, the Mod About Brights. The lovely Polish Addict has posted some swatches of half of the collection, and her post links to another site where you can see all of the colors. This collection is all cremes and from what I gathered, semi-sheer as well (needing 3 coats to achieve the best look). I'm fond of all things shiny and sparkly so you'd think that this collection doesn't appeal to be but I do adore the brights trend because it's very reminiscent of summer. Also, sometimes cremes just look amazingly polished and refined. Which means that in typical work settings, they could still be appropriate (but of course, it all depends on each individual work environment).

Overall, I think this is OPI's best collection of the year so far. The India collection was a bit disappointing, as many felt that the colors didn't accurately depict the vividness of Indian fashion and culture. And I think anyone who has seen a Bollywood production could agree with that consensus, not to mention India is among the the most biodiverse countries in the world. The mountains and the scenery could have been source of so much inspiration! After the India collection was the quietly-released and barely-buzzed about Beyond Chic collection, consisting of soft shades. It was nice and different, but the colors were hardly anything to get excited about. Light shades don't necessarily have to translate to every-color-looking-the-same. It was a nice effort for OPI, soft colors are always a staple, and I'll probably want some from this collection, but there's just something about this collection that fell a little flat. Maybe OPI should have take a page from Essie's book and loaded those babies with some mega subtle shimmer? Who knows, but I do still love OPI.

To judge the Beyond Chic collection for yourselves, check out MUA paprheart's post of them here.

I am however really excited for the new LE Chanel polishes coming out! Whoever coined the phrase 'limited edition' is a genius! There's something so enticing about that phrase, mostly because we've all suffered at one point or another from not getting something that was LE and have regretted it to this day (MAC Whirlwind and Lancome Le Magnetique, I'm talking about you two! Ugh). Anyway, to celebrate the Chanel store opening on Robertson Blvd in LA in May (I haven't been able to Google up the exact opening date), Chanel is offering these four great shades:

L-R: Melrose, Rodeo Drive, L.A. Sunrise, L.A. Sunset

I really hope that LA Sunrise will be shimmery/sparkly! Fear not, even if you are nowhere near L.A., you can still purchase the polishes online at in June. The downside? These LE suckers will set you back $25 each (I don't think Chanel has raised their normal polish prices, I think this is just for the LE ones). Which means if you want all four, you have to shell out 1/20th the cost of an average Chanel purse. Which....isn't that bad if you look at it like that.

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